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Pride Day

In Nashville, Tennessee

June 7, 2003

On the page, "to the right", is the poem that Bobby, (of Larry & Bobby), put together for the Music City Couple's Harmonizer, (our monthly newsletter).

Due to the lack of input from the group, our Media Services Couple chose not to produce a newsletter for July/2003.

Bobby put a lot of thought, talent, and time into developing a poem that best described our Music City Couple's Pride-Day here in Nashville, TN

Here, for your reading pleasure, is the poem in its entirety.




June 8, 2003
Nashville Pride


By Bobby Milford


Late to bed, early to rise
Oh dear Lord, itís the day of Pride

We shower and shave and run for the door
Forgetting everything we discussed the day before

The drive is long, we donít stop to eat
Ēyou can eat a donutĒ he says, I just seethe


We arrive at the park in the shadow of clouds

I swear if it rains Iím gonna scream so loud

We set up the booth, for others who had to work
Still no food and now my stomach hurts

We head off to where the parade begins
Iím bitching all the way, heís taking it in


We must carry a banner and two flags
Thatís three more arms weíll need between two fags


We get to the line-up, I make a beeline for Krispy Kreme
The line is a mile long, oh I hate these queens
Old and young and I think some are straight

But Iíll shoot them all if for long I have to wait

At last with some sugar and coffee in my bloodstream
I join my beautiful partner in this parade of gay things
We phone the couple that we call the chair
And now they race from where they are to here

Joined at last by another two

Six queer men march as if in a zoo


We smile and wave and represent the group

And sometimes complain about the way we look


Arriving at the booth we all take a shift
Hawking our club and giving free gifts

We walk and talk and see the sights

Did you see that thing in rainbow tights

Some road the fake bull, most fell off
Some fool was wearing collars and chains, he got taken off


It was a good day after all was said and done
Holly had a birthday we all had fun

After hours of fags and dykes and freaks

We couldnít take anymore and all had to leave


Until next year, thatís all I have to say
Oh, one more thing, next year?











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