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The Music City Couples Network, an organization of hundreds of loving and committed gay and lesbian couples believes that the Federal Marriage Amendment is an unconscionable assault on the rights of millions of American citizens, and is joining other  organizations seeking its defeat.

 According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the amendment “would not only deny marriage to same-sex couples but could also deny any state legislature or electorate from ever voting to pass their own state’s domestic partnership, civil union or marriage laws. Under the Federal Marriage Amendment, courts could be barred from enforcing the legal protections
that a legislature provides through civil union or domestic partnership laws.”

Civil marriage, other forms of relationship recognition, and basic civil rights protections are essential components that make all families, including families headed by same-sex couples, safer and more secure. Civil marriage and religious marriage are two separate things.

Religious institutions will never be forced to bless relationships with which they disagree, just as today religious institutions can refuse to marry couples of different faiths or individuals who have been divorced.



Gay & Lesbian Couples Advocacy

Fundamental principles of fairness and justice demand that our society offer fair and just legal protections to gay and lesbian spouses.


The Music City Couples Network, founded in 2000, is an affiliate of Couples-National Network, (which no longer is in operation),  which is comprised of thirteen local affiliates across the country, exist to support healthy, loving long-term relationships between same-sex couples. Any committed and loving relationship between two human beings, is a rare and

precious gift, regardless of sexual orientation. It requires a partnership of sensitivity and selflessness, of warmth and humor, of wonder and beauty. 


It is fundamental to personal growth. It enables couples to face formidable challenges together with courage. It enriches the spouses daily. It e empowers them to work for the wellbeing of each other, their families and the community at large, to accept the richness and diversity of every individual.


Americans ought to be free to live in peace as they choose. The Federal government should not be telling people how to live their private lives-and such an attempt to deny citizens of Constitutionally-protected rights should most certainly not be codified in the Constitution of the United States.

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