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The Archives

For those who are visiting our web pages after April/2014, these are our Archives where we like to look back on our monthly events and the latest news during the 14/years, (2000-2014), that many of us worked hard through dedication to our Couples in providing monthly events, recording our activities so those who come after us will have an understanding of our struggles and fears living as gay and lesbian people and loving our long term partners.

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Archive Files
Harmonizer News Letters

In the early years, while Music City Couples was becoming established, we have Chair Couples assigned to help keep our group running.  Our Media Couple provided a monthly news letter called the Harmonizer.  Listed in the Archives are those monthly news letters, (saved in PDF format), for your viewing pleasure.

 This is where we will post our monthly archived news letters.

(Click on each publication
Due to the size of the news-letter files, please allow adequate time to download/open these files - especially if you have a dial-up connection of speeds less than 56k). 

Read up on the history of activities, group outings, updates, and meet many of the new members that joined during our early beginnings.

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