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Great turn out this year for the 4th of July celebration.  We actually celebrated a week late because Larry & Bobby were unable to have the party on the 4th, due to Larry being out of town on a work related conversion.

Hey, Herb and John are here everybody.  Say hi to our cutest couple!  Aren't they just adorable?

Bobby, (Larry's Partner), sent Larry to the store for more hamburger.  What a surprise to Larry when he returned from the store and everybody had blown up balloons and decorated for Larry's Party

More straight friends of the Couples family.  Welcome to Jonas, (who works with Larry), and Jonas's friend, Ray, from Chattanooga.

Bobby & Larry, our Host Couple for the 4th of July celebration


July 2004
4th. Annual Fourth of July
Hosts:  Larry & Bobby

A great tradition now enjoyed by Music City Couples and all their friends who attend the annual 4th of July celebration at the home of Larry & Bobby.  Each year Larry & Bobby provide grilled hamburgers while everyone who attends brings their favorite dish for a wonderful potluck dinner.  Following food and friendship, the annual fireworks display begins at dark in the front field of Larry & Bobby's property.

We combined this years 4th of July Party, and included a Birthday Party for Larry, who provides our Web services
Happy "49th" Birthday Larry

There is Donald and Elaine.  We are so sorry that Ana, (Elaine's Partner), was unable to attend.  Ana had to take call for her Medical Practice, and Portland is just to far away from Nashville when on call.  We are so sorry Ana had to miss it.

The birthday boy was making his rounds to everyone that attended.  Hi to Jeffary (left) and Donald (right)

The Birthday celebration would not be complete without Larry's son, Korry, attending, and to wish Larry a birthday hug.

Great Portland neighbors, Mike & Leonard, who live just around the corner from Larry & Bobby.


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Well, there's our Birthday Boy now!

Happy Birthday Larry

We always include some "straight people" at our celebration.  Say hi to Cindy, (far left), and her mother, (far right), who we all know as "Mom"
Hi to Kim (middle), and we are sorry that her partner Kelly had to attend a wedding.

Just a happy group of great friends.  Hi Elaine, (left), and Herb & John surrounding the birthday boy.

This group is just part of the large Gay Community here in Portland, Tennessee.  To date we have 5-couples and several single gay friends in Portland.

The Morning After
Thanks to Donald & Jeffary for staying the night and helping to clean up after the potluck and fireworks display







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