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Dinner at Omni Hut/Smyrna, TN

Welcome back Rick & Virgil - I guess you will be returning to your Florida home after Christmas.

Welcome to our newest couple; Curt & Elliott.  Elliot has worked on Healthcare Conversion Projects, with Larry.  What kind of memories does Helena Arkansas bring to mind?  ARG!  Larry says, "at least the food was good at the Casino 5-Star Restuarant"

We always welcome our straight friends.  Lisa has worked with Larry, in Healthcare, for nearly 3-years now.  And of course everyone just loves her handsome furry husband.  Hey Tony, look at us!  Let's not forget Lisa's website if you need a homemade cake for your special occasion. (http://www.sweetcreationsonline.com)


October 09, 2004
Dinner Night Out

Happy Halloween
Hawaiian Style

Omni Hut Restaurant

Hi Elaine, we missed seeing Ana, hope she is having fun in New Orleans

Larry just loves the attention he gets from Tony & Lisa

Hi Gene, who is your friend?  Hi Gloria, glad you could accompany Gene in Geoff's absence.  We hope Geoff is behaving himself at his conference in Washington, DC this weekend!

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Dinner at Omni Hut/Smyrna, TN

It was great seeing Mel & Chris.  Don't be strangers again!!!!

Happy Anniversary to Larry & Bobby, celebrating 12-years, (Oct/7th), this weekend.

And of course, we just love having our straight friend Cindy join the couples for dinner.  Don't forget to visit Bobby and Cindy's website, (http://www.musicof2.com) and listen to their latest country/pop duet, "You & Me"







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