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Dinner Theatre
The Larry Keeton Theatre


Jamie & Sarah - Not Pictured
Misty & Lisa
Jeff & David
Steve & Todd
Dawn & Jamie
Mike & Michael
Stephen & Heath - Not Pictured
Troy & Scott
Carlton & Kim - friends of Troy & Scott
Joseph & Harry - Not Pictured
Noah & Andrew
Larry & Bobby - Not Pictured

Carlson with Justin and Emily Ann
Justin Plays "Joe"
Emily Ann Cowart Plays "Judy Bernly"


The 9-5 Cast
Our Very Own Bobby played "Mr. Tinsworthy"

Our Hip Donaldson Wait Staff For The Evening

Janie & Dawn

Steve & Todd
"We actually captured Steve with his eyes open this time"

David & Jeff

Mike & Michael

Misty & Lisa

Noah & Andrew

Scott & Troy

Carlton & Kim - Friends of Scott & Troy

January 2013
Social Event

Flowers that Bobby & Larry Wired To the Keeton Theatre as a way to say Thank You for coordinating the seating for Music City Couples

Larry did a sneak preview of the 9-5 show on Saturday night Jan/19th.














































































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